gives you a warm welcome!

The smart hotel, managed completely in an electronic way.

is a modern and technological concept of hotel permanence.

Such concept will let you fully enjoy your stay, by avoiding the usual burocracy found in a normal hotel.

From the reservation process, to your check-out, everything is carried out automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week assuring complete discretion, affordable prices, but without giving up comfort, peace and harmony.

Our rooms have been conceived to give you the best comfort, with wide and comfortable beds. You will not need to worry about anything: the reserved room will always be ready, welcoming and with all essential services.

is situated at the center of the San Bernardino Village, surrounded by green, mountains, peace and serenity. You cannot help but appreciate the hotel's location.


Secure online reservation
Check-in/Check-out with an automated touch-screen machine
Simple and quick procedures
Several room types
Room access with a personal code
Free WiFi access
Essential services
Special offers


Up to 2 people
1 double bed
  • 13 mq.
  • Shower + WC
  • LCD TV - Flat screen
  • Free WiFi access
Mini Suite
Up to 4 people
1 double bed
1 davenport
  • 18 mq.
  • Shower + WC
  • LCD TV - Flat screen
  • Free WiFi access
Up to 6 people
2 double beds
1 davenport
  • 70 mq.
  • Shower + WC
  • LCD TV - Flat screen
  • Free WiFi access
  • 360° view over San Bernardino
Mini apartment (attic), with beams, composed of:
  • Entrance
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • WC